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What is the code for level 1?

Such crap

Yo, this game is like so baaaaad like cant 2 level 2 i hot level one done.. But such crap!!


This app is ok but I have the same problem as one of the people here. I unlock level 1 but I can't unlock level 2.

Pretty good

It's really fun. But there is some glitch where, even if I beat the first level, I can't unlock level 2...

Poorly explained but fun

How many numbers are supposed to be in the code on impossible level?

Not bad

I think it is a very good idea but I can't seem to hear the second click so it needs a little improvement but if I were you I would at least try this app it is fun just a little challenging

Stupied lock

All I heard is one click around 30-40 and that's all I heard but u need headphones and turn up like loud to hear the click


Dumbest game ever can't ever get the combo u can get the first number with the click but there is no other clicks after that makes no sense what so ever


This is the worst crapppppy app!!!


What is the answer for easy


I do karate

Kind f easy

The first code is 40 At least thats what it was for me


Do you go left right left right???


It 0000


Anyone who wants to the code, here it is. All you have to do is turn the knob slowly until you here a change of sound


I got the code so easily! How could you not get it

**** this peace of garbage!!!!!!!!!

WHATS THE DARN CODE!?!?!?!?!?!?! I GOT TAKEN TO JAIL 4 TIMES!!!!!!!!!!! >:(

What the code possibly be?

If anyone knows what the code is please tell me and the rest of the people who dont know it either!!!! We are all desperate!!!!!!

What is the code

What is the code

love it

Easy medium hard [impossible] it's fun love it no steroids :) clean y'all ears lol


Sometimes no sound at all and when I am spinning it it will freak out and put in 3 combinations that I never put in.


This is a crappy game don't get it unless u love wasting your time


Won't even show up on my iPod.

Piece o' junk

It doesn't even make a noise speakers all the way up and not a noise!!!!!!! What is wrong with the makers of this game????

I like it

Sorry for people who cant hear, I can play this game for hours and still have fun, took me about 25 minutes to clear all the levels including impossible, not a good game to play in public though XD Great game and good job, but a few different safes, modes, and a personal best crack speed would be nice, for global leader boards and stuff, this could potentially be a really competitive game. One of my first and favorite games!

It's not hard

You just have to turn the knob slowly and listen for a change in sound.

Incredibly hard

If only I knew the answer


Ok so all the #s have clicks on it! What are the #s?


Fun game but there could be more levels or different safes. I like the challenge of not knowing what to do then when you figure it out its pretty easy....... Very clever


I played for 3hrs and can't find the code I hate this game


Extreme waste of time glad it was free

Horrible useless

Not worth the space

Hard but very chalenging

Which way do u turn first love the app but very senesitive


This thing is on sum thing it suks






There is no point it is like the fan app

someone please help me

how the hell do you beat this


This game is boring!!!¡¡¡

This is gay

Real dumb




This is horrible, useless, confusing, dumb game. I recommend this game to people who love getting arrested and mad all the time! App deleted

Not good

I'm deaf so it doesn't work

They all click

You hear a click on every # don't buy unless you want to get arrested every time

I don't like it

it's a complete waste of time…


Im a very impatient person but once you get a hang of it its pretty easy but sometimes wen u hear the loud click and u pull the handle it wont work!!!!:<


Waste of my time i cant hear nothing

Stupid game

I can't hear a thing at all it's impossible it's not worth your time I just wasted like 2 minutes out of my life that stupid game

I know the answer!!!

This game is fun the first time but it gets boring after a while. The answer on how to get it is that u turn on the volume and turn the disk to the left SLOWLY, so u can here every click, when u here a louder click pull the handle and u made it!


The only reason I couldn't crack it was cuz my volume was off

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